3 New Sponsors for RWDevCon!

3 New Sponsors for RWDevCon!
Check out the first round of sponsors for RWDevCon!

Check out the first round of sponsors for RWDevCon!

In case you haven’t heard already, we are teaming up with the folks from 360iDev to host an iOS developer conference next February: RWDevCon!

RWDevCon is the first ever tutorial conference. That means instead of just passively watching talks, you get to participate – via hands-on tutorials!

You’ll play around with iOS 8, Swift, and app development in general, along with the authors of the iOS Apprentice, iOS 8 by Tutorials, iOS Games by Tutorials, and more.

And best of all – you won’t just have a hodge-podge of random talks. Instead, RWDevCon will be coordinated as a team so you have an amazing experience.

I’ll be giving you periodic updates of how things are proceeding with the conference. This week, I’m pleased to announce three new sponsors for the conference!

3 New Sponsors!

Today, we are happy to announce 3 new sponsors for the conference:


  • Facebook (gold sponsor): Facebook is doing some amazing things lately in the mobile world. In addition to creating some well-designed apps of their own, Facebook has been providing some powerful libraries and frameworks to the community like Facebook Pop, Tweaks, Shimmer, Origami, Parse, and more.
  • ShinobiControls (silver sponsor): ShinobiControls is a suite of high performance (and polished) data components and UI controls for iOS and Android. If you need a sweet chart or table for your app, look no further!
  • Count.ly (bronze sponsor): Count.ly makes it easy to integrate analytics into your apps, with real-time reporting and a sweet web-based dashboard. This is a great way to see what your users are doing and improve your app accordingly.

Huge thanks to Facebook, ShinobiControls, and Count.ly for being a part of RWDevCon!

Get Your Ticket!

Save yourself $100 by signing up now!

This early-bird discount will only last for a short time, so be sure to grab it while you still can.

The team and I look forward to meeting you at RWDevCon for some tutorials, inspiration, and fun!

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