Readers’ App Reviews – March 2014

Readers’ App Reviews – March 2014

Readers’ Apps!

It is March, so you know what that means: more great apps by fellow readers ready for the world!

Once again I’ve been lucky enough to play with all your apps and pick a few to showcase. It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it! :]

Here are some of the highlights from this month:

  • A space shooter that brings back memories of Galaga
  • A combination of Tetris and Candy Crush
  • An app to help you learn foreign language vocabulary

So stop what you’re doing now: it’s app time!

Time Clash

Battle evil across the ages in Time Clash!

Time Clash takes your hero through time to fight evil every-when. Fight hordes of enemies with special abilities and weapons. Grab powerups to help and upgrade your hero between levels.

But you’re not alone, summon an army of allies to fight beside you or get a pet for moral support.

Retro Blaster

Retro Blaster brings fond memories of our favorite games from arcades of the past.

With classic graphics and sound effects Retro Blaster brings a modern touch. And thanks to flingable bombs you even get a bit of touch screen delight.

Space Invaders, Galaga, Centipede, and more are all represented in this retro fusion remake. It’s a blast from the past!

Connectris Multiplayer

Bejeweled and Candy Crush are kinda fun, but then again so is Tetris. Lets combine them!

Connectris is a Tetris style game where the goal isn’t lines of blocks, but instead 3+ color matches. It takes the strategy dynamic to a whole new level.

During endless single player, combos build your energy which you can use to eliminate entire colors. But during GameCenter multiplayer your energy bar can be used to drop iron bricks on your opponent to give you the edge.

Gold Word

Gold Word is a different kind of word game.

Gold Word provides 7 letters and your goal is to find the highest point word, the Gold Word. You get points for lesser words too, and speed counts, you’ve only got 30 seconds.

With its fast paced head to head play, Gold Word becomes a fantastic multiplayer game. You both get the same letters and same time limit. Highest scoring word wins!

Don Julio

Don Julio is on a mission. He needs the most exotic ingredients for his restaurant.

You can help Don Julio battle chickens and goats while he hunts for the ingredients at the end of the rainbow in the sidescrolling platformer. You’ll visit Spain, Peru, Italy, and more.

Bonus points for a sweet setting that allows you to drag and drop the controls whereever you’d like them.


Pickabulary is a great tool for learning new vocabulary for foreign languages.

Pickabulary lets you enter your own word sets along with their translations, then offers chances to practice, learn, and test yourself. It will keep track of the words you have trouble with so you can revisit them more often.

I’ll defintely be putting Pickabulary to use in my German classes.

Rare Steak Timer

Cooking steak isn’t always east. Sometimes we forget about it, sometimes we just don’t have a feel for how long to leave it on.

Rare Steak Timer helps. Pick your cut, select a thickness, and then decide how you want it cooked. Rare Steak Timer will tell you how long it needs to sizzle, and fire a timer when it’s done. It will even remind you to flip it. Don’t forget to let it rest before you stuff your face. ;]

Melody DJ

Melody DJ is a Guitar Hero style game in your pocket.

Melody DJ has you take the lead playing the melody of your favorite songs in realtime. If you mess up, you’ll know about it.

Its landscape design means you are tapping notes all over the place as they come from down screen. This was a very addicting game to have in your pocket. Who’s got two thumbs and Melody DJ? This guy. :]

Mouse or House

Mouse or House is a cute game for the younger kids.

Kids get to wipe away the frost on the glass to see the card underneath, then they match it to the 3 cards on the right. It’s got 30 very cute illustrations kids will love to uncover.


Yardhoppr is a great app when you just want to shop around local.

Yardhoppr uses aggregator 3taps to find all the yard sales, garage sales, estate sales, and auctions around you. You can see a map of the closest ones and favorite the ones you’d like to hit.

Yardhoppr offers turn by turn directions when you’re ready to go.

Sync and Swim

Sync and Swim is a great pattern and memory game for kids.

Sync and Swim has patterns repetition, 3 card memory matching, and timed pattern repetitions. With cute begging to be touched, kids with love it.

Its a addictive so make sure you share with your kids. 😛

Lost Lands – a Treasure Hunt Puzzle Game

If you’re addicted to puzzles like I am, then this is another one for you.

Lost Lands is a path finding game. You’ve got to make it to the gem at the end. There are one way doors in your way though so you’ll have to pick your path carefully.

Collect sapphires, emeralds, and rubies in this retro art styled puzzle game. There are a 168 gems to collect so you’ll be listening to Indiana Jones on your iPod for awhile. ;]


Shubru isn’t satisfied with order. Shubru wants chaos!

You must defeat him with reflexes, both mental and physical. Reorder the clouds before the time runs out.

But don’t expect Shubru to give up that easily, he’ll keep swapping clouds all the way through. And he’s got a few more tricks up his sleeve as you battle through 50 levels of organizational fun.

Honorable Mentions

I had some apps I couldn’t review. Don’t feel bad, it wasn’t a popularity contest or even a rating contest. Forum members get priority, among other factors. I make time to try out every app that comes across my screen, one day I’ll find time to write about them all too!



Luminetic Land

TimeSaver app

Pixel Fixor




5 Mins Mystery

Titi & Miro Adventure

Jumpy Flying Squirrel


Squishy Fish


Guess Guess Movie

Fight With Ghosts

Crow’s Quest

Vivid Sudoku

Holoradix Motion Comics


Wheel of Pain Push-Ups


SnapLite Highlight Text in Photos, Scans and PDFs



The Falling Man

Where To Go From Here?

As expected, I really enjoyed your apps – it’s great fun to see what fellow readers make each month.

If you’ve never made an app, we’ve got you covered! Check out our free tutorials to become an iOS star. What are you waiting for – I want to see your app next month!

If you’ve already made the next great app, let me know about it! Submit here!

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